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Product Description

Creating resume is not an easy job, this plugin will help you create resume an easy way, use via short-code anywhere to display.

Unlimited input fields you can display many section and information as you want.

Plugin Features

  • Use via short-code.
  • Resume thumbnail.
  • Extensible admin input fields via filter hook for resume.
  • Ready addon for filter themes & extend input fields.
  • Graphical(percentage bar) representation for skill values.
  • Ajax add more section entry.
  • Predefined fields for Education, Experiences, Contact Info, Award, Skill, Social, Interest, Language, Portfolio.

Extensible support

you can extend resume input fields by filter hook, we have following filter hook for resume admin input. please see the screenshot for understand filter map

  • wp_rb_data_args
  • wp_rb_filter_sections
  • wp_rb_filter_sections_args
  • wp_rb_section_properties

For example you can extend resume section by filter hook wp_rb_filter_sections() as follows
in the same filter you can also remove any section by unset().

add_filter('wp_rb_filter_sections', 'wp_rb_sections_add');

function wp_rb_sections_add($sections)
	$sections_new = array_merge($sections, array("tour"=>"Tour"));
	//unset($sections_new['social']); // remove sections ex: social
	return $sections_new;



  • 1.0.0 – 12/07/2015 Initial release.


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