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KineticPulse asked 2 years ago

Just been informed by a client that selecting page 2 on a paginated post grid page results in a 404. Posts are standard WP Posts, no custom query
see here: http://www.lechardonvaldisere.com/tag/summer-valdisere
Any ideas?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Did you use shortcode inside tag.php file ? something like this!!
I am not sure the dynamic page tag support pagination parameter for post grid.
Can you please try change permalink settings to default and see whats happening ?

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

What i have understand the pagination will depend on that tag & how many post queried on it and works until the pagination is valid for individual tag otherwise it will result 404 error. Regards

KineticPulse replied 1 year ago

It’s a live site with many visitors, so I can’t change the permalink settings!Are you saying that the post grid does not support pagination for tag archives?

KineticPulse replied 1 year ago

I'm using the shortcode in the archive.php: '<?php echo do_shortcode("[post_grid id='6059' ]"); ?>. There is no custom tag file, so it will be using the archive.php

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi, it will not work as expected on tags, archive pages, because these page are display post based on dynamic query, and post grid will display query post based on its options. that’s its not working properly , not designed to that purpose. Regards

KineticPulse replied 1 year ago

OK, thanks Hasan. It may be worth highlighting this in your docs as it’s certainly not clear (even has a ‘show pagination’ dropdown on the settings page which doesn’t highlight that it only works on archive pages).I appreciate this is a free plugin, and it is great in what it does but I now I have to find an alternative plugin for a live site!