Accordion Pro Plugin – Add Media button is not working

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Johanna asked 3 years ago

I just bought the Accordion Pro Plugin because I want picutres in my accordeons. Unfortunately the “Add Media” button is not working properly. It just opens the windos sometimes.
Do I make something wrong? Is there a solutions for this?
Thanks and kind regards

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your post and great to know you purchase pro version of accordion plugin.
If you please check any jQuery error on your dashboard.
Please click icon on “Add media” button, i have check my plugin its working fine here.

Please let me know for more help
Thanks again

designer replied 2 years ago

I am having intermittent problems with this also. When I first installed the pro version, it wouldnt work. I went back to it later in the day and it worked ok, and worked this morning. But now I am trying to add a gallery to another tab, and it is not letting. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.