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John asked 2 years ago

I have added the WCPS Pro via a shortcode.
The products rotate through, but there is no Add to Cart Button visible.
Also, the content description exceeds the area allowed for that.
Where do I adjust the content display and how do I turn on the Add to Cart Feature?
Thank you.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum.
Please go edit WCPS under Content tab > Items sort.
Click on each items to expand you will see the option for each items, please see the screenshot,

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I hope cart button isn’t missing (you can also hide by checked “Hide on front-end” at right of each items) might be the background color is same as its container , please try to change background color of cart button
Let me know for more help.
Best Regards

John answered 2 years ago

Sorry, I did not recognize that as an expandable list.
I have changed the colors, but still see no Add To Cart Button.
Also, the slider seems to be at a fixed width of 675px.  How do I expand it to fill 100% of the available area?
Thank you.