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chris_kastriti asked 3 years ago

Having some trouble with the breadcrumbs plugin. Works perfect everywhere until I come across the blog pages. When in a single page blog article it only shows Home >> ”Article” >> and completely ignores the blog page. I understand that this is probably to do with the theme I’m using (Salient) as there is no option to make the posts a child page of the Blog. I had to do this another method. Any help would be great. And yes it is the updated version.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
What i understand you mean “blog page” a custom page template for bog archive and the “Article“‘s mean single post(default),
if above is correct then i can’t see any relation between “blog page” with “Article” that’s why it can’t see in breadcrumb,
if you please give me such live example from another website then i could take time to research and made something for you.
Hope you understand.
Best Regards

chris_kastriti replied 3 years ago

No problem Hasan it is no longer required. I do have another issue if you have the time. How do I remove the last separator from your breadcrumb (see here – Regards,Chris

chris_kastriti replied 3 years ago

Also how do make the page that it is on in it’s selected state eg. Our Background should not be clickable, perhaps in a different color.