Can I link an image to a specific section of the accordion?

Q&ACategory: PluginCan I link an image to a specific section of the accordion?
Katy asked 3 years ago

Hello,   I have an accordion set up with three different section on the homepage of my website. I’d like to link an image to the content of each particular section of the accordion. For example, the first image would link to Phase 1 content, the second image would link to Phase 2 content and third image would link to Phase 3 content. Is this possible?  Here is a link to the website: Thank you!

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
you can use any HTML tag inside accordion content so first add your image to your content and then link to that image your link .
don’t you see the WP editor on your accordion content ?
Best Regards

Katy replied 3 years ago

Hi Hasan,I don’t see the WP editor. I am guessing because I am still in the free version of the plugin? I just downloaded the premium version, but it isn’t allowing me to install it. Is there documentation to walk me through the process?

Hasan Staff replied 3 years ago

Great to know you bought pro version, please check your order files should have “” files also.

Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

**) How to upgrade to pro
Simply remove or uninstall free or older version of “Accordions” and reinstall premium version plugin you downloaded from our website. By uninstalling free or older version your data won’t lost, so don’t worry.
To upgrade from free or older version to premium version easy. if this is first time upgrading premium you will need activate license provided by when you purchased the plugin(product/items)
#) How to Activate License
If you bought the plugin “Accordions” from you will see a license key’s for your purchased items in page License Keys you need to logged-in to see your own license key’s.