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Q&AChange sequence and icon team Pro member options
Joke asked 3 years ago

Is there a possibility to change the order (sequence) of the team options with the Team Pro plugin?
Now I first see the LinkedIn icon (custom option) and than the email and skype icon on my website.
I prefer it the other way around: first email, then skype, and finally LinkedIn.
In addition, is there a way to changes the icons of the email and skype field? 
I now made those icons 25 x 25 px, and they seem a bit ‘blurry’.
Thanks in advance for your answer!
Kind regards

1 Answers
Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Greeting from ParaTheme.
Team plugin has the functionality to add your own social link for team members, can be change the order for custom icons you added. but no support for default icons “link, email, skype”
Please see the screenshot

you can also change icon image & size from setting page

Please let me know for more help.

Hasan Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi, Good news for you, i have customize "Team" plugin for change order of social icons, so now you can change order(drag & drop ) or social icons & delete, please see the update settings page let me know if you are interested in update version, i haven't upload on our site. Thanks