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Adam asked 2 years ago

Profile information isn’t being displayed on the team page.
If you look here it’s blank:
But the fields do have content:
If I look at the code, it get’s input as a link:
Is there no way to have additional rows of text display? For instance, we want to show their location.

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Oleg answered 2 years ago

Yes, the same problem! Got a free version and everything was viewing perfectly – for the sake of functionality decided to donate for the premium version. I have just bought a paid version – hoped it would be killing but instead it killed all my passion towards paying the developers for the product that doesn’t display all my content!
Please help, ASAP,
Thank you

Oleg replied 2 years ago

Solved. The problem lies in the fact, that the order of operations – first you create new team member accounts, then create a new team, with a name other than that was in the previous free version and then it catches all the changes.