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Kevin asked 2 years ago

Is there any way to control the display via shortcodes?
For instance most plugins give you options to change things.  Nexgen gallery you can do things like [nexgen gallery=1 display=thumbnails layout=horizontal] etc etc.
I would like to have a horizontal scrolling display of team members on the homepage, but then also have a full team page that displays all 30 team members on a page in a grid.
I can’t find a way to have multiple versions of the plugin display on a site.  I have 30+ team members so maintaining TWO member lists is not an option.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Possibly you are looking for creating themes for Team, please note you can use short-codes argument as like [nexgen] short-code you mentioned. all option saved by post meta via custom post “team” setting.
If you are looking for creating new theme you can go with creating add-on , please see the demo add-ons under plugin folder “demo-addon” > (if you are using premium) you can install as plugin will added extra one theme with existing.
all of your customization can be added to new theme via add-ons
Please see the documentation here.
If you need any help to creating new theme for Team please let me know.

Kevin replied 2 years ago

Thanks I will take a look.