Downloaded 2.08 how to go to 2.011

Q&ACategory: PluginDownloaded 2.08 how to go to 2.011
Mark asked 2 years ago

How do I update the plugin on a live site? ¬†I don’t want to lose the existing grids since they are on the home page.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Can you please go “My Account” and logged in, you will see all files for your ordered items.

Mark replied 2 years ago

Yes I see them. But How do I upload them and install 2.011 without deleting the grids I have already setup. The site is live and I don’t want to have to restore from a backup if I do it wrong.

Mark replied 2 years ago

On another topic. Did you get the login and password for to see why the sub-categories don’t show up when I try to create a new grid. I only see the top level categories.

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Simply remove or uninstall older version of “Post Grid” and reinstall premium version plugin you downloaded from our website. By uninstalling free or older version your data won’t lost, so don’t worry. Please see documentation here