Excerpt and 'Read More' not displaying for Team plugin

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Neal asked 2 years ago

I have installed the plugin and added licence key however excerpt is not displaying. The full text does display when I change the settings to display this.
Can you assist?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Really sorry for late reply, Somehow i missed this question.
Please go “Content” tab in Team edit page and see if you choose “Display excerpt” then check value for “Excrept Length” should not 0,
please check screenshot http://i.imgur.com/rxRvtXB.png

Kevin replied 2 years ago

I’m having this issue as well. Settings: http://i.imgur.com/93HNE7Z.pngAs you can see on the page the excerpt does not showhttp://ergentustelemed.com/new-doctors-plugin/Using 3.1.1

Kevin replied 2 years ago

It started working out of the blue. It makes me nervous when I don’t do anything different except save settings I’ve already tried and this time it works.

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply, i can the member bio (content) as well on your link . have you solved issue ? Regards