Expand single accordion by URL?

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Peer asked 2 years ago

Hi! I’m wondering if it’s possible to expand/activate a single accordion dynamical by different URL endings. For example with an anchor link or the get method. Is there any function like this? If not, any idea how to implement it easily?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
I am still not sure is that possible by this plugin, but i would love to see this feature in future versions.
Let me try first, if possible i will update next version.

paul1 replied 2 years ago

Has this been set up yet? It says it is available in the product description of the Pro version and thats the only reason I bought it and now it seems as though it isn’t available?

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Can you please check our demo , http://paratheme.com/demo/accordions/demo/accordion-theme-icon-block/?id=2 please note the ?id=2 at the end of url that’s mean 3rd content will keep open when visit user and counting start from 0 (zero) , please use latest version for this features. Regards