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benny.malengier asked 2 years ago

The Exclude by Post Id option is cumbersome to use: look up post id, edit id in this option. Long list of ids over time.
Would it be possible to have an Exclude by category (taxonomy). You could then create a tag or catery ‘ExcludedTopGrid’, and in ‘TopGrid’, indicate that that tag/category should be excluded. This allows to indicate during post writing that a post should be included or not, instead of doing an edit on a post grid.
Example: showing a grid of all tshirts you sell, which shows category T-Shirt. You want a specific T-Shirt not to appear. You want to still see this in catergy T-shirt, but you could tag it as excludeTshirtGrid and make sure those tags do not show in post grid.
The workaround is to have a tag TshirtGrid, and only give that to T-shirt category items which should show up, and use TshirtGrid exclusively for the post grid. This looses flexibility in my eyes as I use different grids with different subsets of products, and I would need a tag per grid, instead of naturally using the cateregories prodcuts belong to.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your post. 
Nice feature request.  Unfortunately I am out of my desk for 3 days.  Will check your request when back.
Best regards