filtering not working in post grid 3.0.4

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benny.malengier asked 11 months ago

I updated post grid to 3.0.4
The filtering is not working anymore. Tested in firefox and chrome. See eg scroll down, and click on the filter box <Kamp>: result is no data is shown, instead of those events with event category ‘Kamp’

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 11 months ago

Welcome to our forum,
I can see your are using older version , current version is 3.1.11
Please go following link and submit order and checkout step by step, when redirect to for payment please close the window .

Post Grid

i will manually completed the order. you will have access new version

benny.malengier answered 11 months ago

Ok, I updated. The error of filtering not working is still present.
See, go own, and filter on ‘Kamp’ or ‘All’ afterward (arduino has 0 events). Filtering gives 0 returns.

Hasan Staff replied 11 months ago

Can you please tell me what you have before its working ?

Please follow steps:
try with any default themes , let me the result.

Deactivate others plugin one by one and refresh the page and see the changes.

Let me know the update.

If possible please send me your admin access i will check the issue.