Having trouble with voting out-of-box

Q&ACategory: PluginHaving trouble with voting out-of-box
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I’ve just installed the Voting plugin with WordPress 4.0.1.

My theme is Imbalance2 WPSHOWER. Its installed on my remote host.

Unfortunately, out of the box I can’t get the GUI to register any changes.
This my list of 11 installed plugins:
Akismet, Version 3.0.3 | By Automattic
FD Footnotes, Version 1.3 | By John Watson
Gabfire Widget Pack, Version 1.3.17 | By Gabfire Themes
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, Version 4.3.7 | By Alin Marcu
Jetpack by WordPress.com, Version 3.2.1 | By Automattic
Relevanssi, Version | By Mikko Saari
TablePress, Version 1.5.1 | By Tobias Bäthge
Use Google Libraries, Version 1.6.2 | By Jason Penney
Voting, Version 1.0 | By paratheme
WP Add Custom CSS, Version 0.9.1 | By Daniele De Santis
WP to Twitter, Version 2.9.8 | By Joseph Dolson
Is something listed here a potential conflict?
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xtian replied 3 years ago

The theme was the problem…Changed themes and everything started working.