how to add content to a grid?

Q&ACategory: Pluginhow to add content to a grid?
Francisco asked 3 years ago

 Sorry, this might me very basic, but I really can’t find the way to add content to the grid. I created the grid, I select “page” at “content” (because I want to show pages in the grid), but i don’t see the way to select which pages I want to be shown in the grid… What am I doing wrong??
thank you!

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
you may talking about Post Grid plugin, anyway i am also having same issue with query page or post on grid, its showing me a php error. Maximum function nesting level of ‘100’ reached when i use short-code inside page,
but for other post type its working well.
i need something to fix, please stay patience.

Francisco answered 3 years ago

thank you for your answer. I think my question is even more simple and basic. I just don’t know how to point which post/page should appear on grid. I’m not getting any error, it’s showing anything because I don’t know how to add content.

Hasan Staff replied 3 years ago

you will see the menu Post Grid >> New Post Grid >> Post Grid Options >> Content(tab) >> Grid Content Post type >> select your post type form list of checkbox

Francisco replied 3 years ago

okay, and afterwards?? how do I choose which pages/posts should go to the grid?? Thanks for your answer!

Hasan Staff replied 3 years ago

You may want to display individual post or page on grid , right ? Im really sorry to say plugin is still under development. This feature still not supported. Thanks

Francisco replied 3 years ago

but a cannot see the grid because is empty. If I choose “post”, which posts are going to be shown? (one category? all of them? do I have to include a shortcode in the post?) where is the data stored and how do i tell the grid that I want something to be shown?? thanks for your patience 😉

Hasan Staff replied 3 years ago

all of theme, yes, you have to paste short-code where you want to display the grid, data will save under post type "post_grid" as post meta, as you see option under "Post Grid Options" when creating "New Post Grid" you need only paste short-code see the screenshot what i mean , no worry about my patience … i love to working on. this plugin still in initial development and published last month we have to update lot more things 🙂