How to disable CSS or stop FOUC using custom CSS on Accordion?

Q&AHow to disable CSS or stop FOUC using custom CSS on Accordion?
mikethecow asked 2 years ago

Thanks for such an awesome plugin, was exactly what I was looking for to allow editors to use accordions visually without too much shortcode pain. I’m using the free version currently but will probably upgrade soon 😉
I’ve changed the default colour through the admin area, and added custom CSS in the theme options (to remove borders and add custom icons).
As you can see there’s a really noticeable FOUC, where the accordions display the default colour and all open, before closing and using custom CSS.
Is there any simple way to disable the unwanted CSS or any ideas?
Thanks again for a brilliant, user-friendly plugin.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Sorry for late reply, if you are happy with free version you can just override CSS by using !important
If you are developer and want add new theme then i would request use our premium version, you will find demo add-ons under main plugin folder, so you can create theme for accordion without customizing core plugin files. its so easy probably 3 minutes task to add your own theme.
Here is the short documentation
Please let me know for more help.