How to fit my products in my frame?

Q&AHow to fit my products in my frame?
merzlikin_zoran asked 10 months ago

Please help me, i dont know how to fit my products in my frame and the space between the products its too big.. I have set #wcps-4404 .wcps-items{ width: 200px !important; margin-bottom: 100px !important; padding: 0px !important } But i can`t fit them in my frame (you can see at the picture) picture please Help

Thanks a lot)

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Hasan Staff answered 10 months ago

Welcome to our forum,
have any live link ?
that might be padding issue of the slider container , please check the option under Style > Container options > Padding
Let me know for more help.
Best Regards

merzlikin_zoran replied 10 months ago

I have fixed that with standard automatic resizeing and setting padding for the Theme
.wcps-container .wcps-theme6 { padding: 10px !important; }

But now i can`t set custom Slider Ribbon. When i set the custom text, the text doesn`t appear, just the form.
I think that i should write code for the color of the Slider Ribbon custom text.
Any suggestions
here you can see the slider
Thank you Hasan

Hasan Staff replied 10 months ago

thanks for your reply, you can’t set text as ribbons, please add image url as like

merzlikin_zoran replied 10 months ago

<p>Thanks Hasan..i have not seen that is should be a URL for costum Slider Ribbon</p>
<p>I have understand you</p>
<p>Have a nice day ;)</p>