How to include custom taxononmy slug

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Guy asked 2 years ago

I have created a custom post type called music. Under that I’ve created the taxonomy called music_category. I then created a bunch of meta fields under the music_category slug.
I need to pull one of those fields into the grid. I’ve seen post about you can add many different custom fields but I don’t see where.
I’ve bought the pro version already.

Guy replied 2 years ago

I’ve just read in the instructions is says you can display post meta. I have one meta field under the taxonomy slug that says “Coming Friday” but I don’t see a way to actually show that on the grid?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Please see the screenshot , its under “Grid Builder” if you already not “Meta Fields” area in Grid Layout then you need to drag from Grid Items and the save the settings after you will see Custom Meta Fields. comma separated, no blank space. area at bottom, paste each of you meta key separated by comma
like bellow
And then save the settings refresh the post grid page.

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Please let me know if you still have any issue. 
Here is the video i have describe some where about meta fields