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David asked 2 years ago

Please see If I click on an accordion, I get an outline. How to remove that? There’s a Firefox-related outline that I get rid of by adding

a { outline: none !important; }

to my stylesheet, but this accordion outline happens on other browsers as well.
If this is helpful, I did not get this on the Free version. Thanks!

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum, Sorry for late reply
this should be border property ,
Can you please send me a screenshot with mark what you mean by outline
If this is border then you could try following CSS

.accordions .accordion-content {
  border: none !important;
David answered 2 years ago

Hi Hasan, thanks! That didn’t work, but actually, I just found something that did! : )

#accordions-387 *:focus {
    outline-style: none

By the way, that 387 is the unique identifier for each accordion, is that correct? Do you have a convention here on the QA forum for how to write code that references these numbers? Should we say “#accordions-NNN” instead, or “#accordions-[your Accordion #]”?
Thanks much!

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Sorry for late reply, glad to see that solve. you can paste CSS(any code) as it is on your website here in our QA. sometime one screenshot may help us lot to understand quickly. Thanks