How to show "Custom link to this member" in lightbox?

Q&ACategory: PluginHow to show "Custom link to this member" in lightbox?
Jurgen asked 2 years ago

I just bought the pro version of the plugin & in the team short code options I set “Link to Member” to “Custom link”. Then I mentioned a link in “Custom link to this member” at the team member page. How can I show this link in a lightbox / fancybox pop up?
Or should I install that kind of plugins & redefine a template file? Please advise!

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Well come to our forum,
Custom link to this member.” fields not for display purpose its linked to each member when you set  Link to Member > Custom Link

Just like project link they are working on.
If you want to display any link under team member bio you can use on member content field (main content under team member edit) this will display on popup when you select
Link to Member > Popup Profile
if this still not solve your issue can you please send me a live example ?