How to upgrade Accordion plugin to Pro in WP?

Q&ACategory: PluginHow to upgrade Accordion plugin to Pro in WP?
Rene asked 3 years ago

Just bought the Pro version. How do I upgrade my accordion plugin to Pro without loosing the accordions I already created in my WP?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

HI, Thanks for your post.
I have already reply your mail. please check you email reply.
To upgrade free or older version to premium version easy. there is no activation process. simply remove or uninstall free or older version of “Accordions” and reinstall premium version plugin you downloaded from our website. By uninstalling free or older version your data won’t lost, so don’t worry.
We are working hard to create documentation for every plugins. in this time if you are facing any problem please contact us we are ready to solve.

Best Regards

Rene replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your quick reply. It worked 🙂

paratheme Staff replied 3 years ago

Great to know. And great thanks for purchasing premium version. 🙂 Please let me know for more help. Thank