Instructions for using the Product Slider Themes Addon?

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Kent asked 2 years ago

I purchased the premium version of the WooCommerce Product Slider. Installed the Themes Add-on but it’s not clear to me how I can create custom themes.  Where can I find documentation or instructions on how to use the Themes Add-on?  I also noticed there’s a Filters Add-on.  Any documentation on that one?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Sorry for late reply
Can you please here short instruction
simply copy any theme to add-ons themes folder with unique name and changes the slug on style.css file and add the slug on filter hook inside “wcps-addon-themes.php” file
see there is a demo theme named “theme1-addon” already added.
If you still can’t figure please let me know.
Best Regards