Left Right Theme for Team Plugin NOT Displaying Correctly

Q&ACategory: PluginLeft Right Theme for Team Plugin NOT Displaying Correctly
Toni asked 2 years ago

I’ve purchased the pro upgrade so I could get/use the “Left-Right” option of the Team Plugin, however, it is not displaying correctly.  In fact, it looks horrible.  Here’s the link: http://kcwebseo.com/legacy/about-us/.

Please tell me how to fix this.  

Thank you, 

Toni replied 2 years ago

Also, there is a “Read More” link showing up at the end of the member bios. When clicked, it goes to an error page. I don’t want a “read more” button! How do I disable?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum
I have checked your link , i can’t see you are using Left Right Theme, Currently “List” Theme i can see 
If you wish to use Left Right Theme Please follow
# Grid item max Width(px). > 700px or 90%

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# Then under Grid Builder , sort the items like bellow, (you can drag items to sort *Title, Position, Content)

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And Save/Update the Team
If you still have any issue please let me know.