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North Raleigh asked 11 months ago

Hi Hasan,
Mixitup is showing all my team members all the time. I have 2 member groups right now, and the buttons are there, but all the team members show no matter what I do or what settings I have turned on.

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Hasan Staff answered 11 months ago

Welcome to our forum,
Can you please send me your Team page url ?
Might be jQuery error issue on your page.

North Raleigh answered 11 months ago

Hasan, any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Hasan Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi, Sorry for late reply, the issue happening because of jQuery error on your page , have you use any page builder to edit page content ? http://i.imgur.com/dKiLBVC.png Regards

North Raleigh replied 11 months ago

Yes, I’m using Site Origin’s Page Builder. Should I just use WP’s regular editor on this page?

North Raleigh replied 11 months ago

Just reverted back to the WP editor, and that fixed it. Thanks for the tip!

Hasan Staff replied 11 months ago

you can use page builder , but you need to add shrotcode via text widget (not Editor). That also solved your issue, anyway great to know you fixed it.