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camillo asked 10 months ago

hi, i just bought your woocommerce slider plugin, i would like to know how to modify the padding or the margin of the slider, i have so much blank space between the sliders and i would like it to be like 5/10px (see photo) 

Thank you!

2 Answers
camillo answered 10 months ago

also i tried to modify this parameter:
But it doesn’t work, if i put 100px, the padding becomes bigger, but if i put like 5px, the padding remains like 30/50px like in the picture i sent before.

Hasan Staff replied 10 months ago

Can you please download & re-install version 2.1.11 from here by login , we fix the padding issue. Regards

camillo replied 10 months ago

Thank you! it works now!!

Hasan Staff replied 10 months ago

Great to know its working, if you have little time please submit use five star reviews at plugin page Regards

Hasan Staff answered 10 months ago

Welcome to our forum
Can you please send me your slider page link ?

camillo replied 10 months ago

Hello and Thank for your fast response, the link is this: have already tried to modify the padding of the page and they works so the problem is in the padding of the plugin i think