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David asked 2 years ago

Hi! I just purchased the Team plugin and I’m liking it a lot. Could you let me know if there are any plans for the following, or if you could add them to a feature request list, which would make it an even happier experience for me? These are roughly in my personal order of importance.

  1. Will it be possible to sort by Team Member title? This is important for staff directories when selected by group or all members.
  2. With the Flip X, Flip Y, and both Zoom In and Out styles, can you add an option to display member name, title, etc. on the front as well? I really like how those look but it is too much work for web site visitors to have to mouse over every member to flip to the back to see who it is.
  3. When using an animated style with the teams, could you make the image shape an option? Either rectangular or round being selectable as needed would make the plugin even more flexible.
  4. While we’re thinking out loud, an option to display the member name and info above the image would be cool too.

Thank you very much, I’m looking forward to seeing how the plugin evolves from here!
David Young

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Great to see your ideas, Thanks for purchased pro version.
Let me check all option if possible i will update plugin within 2-3 days and you will notify via email.
Best Regards

Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Mr. David
Thanks for your ideas, i have made an update from your ideas,
#1. now in 3.0.5 version we have added an option “Post query orderby” so you can now query team members order by  title, slug, ID, date(publish), randomly
#2. i am sorry can’t change our original theme & style, you can create your own theme within 3 minute from existing theme(let me know if you are interested)
#3. Can you give an example(could not understand clearly).
#4. please show me an example(could not understand clearly).
Thanks for you time.

David answered 2 years ago

 Hi Hasan! I have 3.0.5 working and your fix for #1 is perfect. Thank you thank you!
#2. Yes please! Is it just duplicating and modifying one of your existing theme files to create my own? Do I need to put them in a special folder so they won’t get overwritten with future updates?
#3 and #4. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Can I email you a couple of images to show what I’m thinking?
Thanks for the very prompt response and help!

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your answer, # Any plugin update will cause lost of your modification , but once you made the modification its not more than one minute job to accomplish i guess.#please send any email to support@paratheme.com

David replied 2 years ago

I figured out how to make my own custom theme and it is working great. I am taken care of on everything above. Thanks for a great plugin and the support to back it up!

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Wow really great to see you made this. Isn't it easy ? Good job . Just keep back-up. when plugin get update your will need add you customized files. Any link so can check your modified work . Really appreciated

David replied 2 years ago

Thanks! I always keep backups. :^) The site isn’t live yet but I’ll send you a link when it is. Now that I’ve been using your plugin for a bit, I have come up with another question. Is there a way you can modify it to be lighter in the page header? I see now on every page, regardless of whether or not I’m displaying any team member, every possible CSS file, many Javascripts, and more are being loaded. Can you cut that down so only the styles and scripts actually in use in a team are loaded, for example? Of course I would prefer nothing loads on pages where the plugin’s features aren’t used but I know that’s much harder to arrange. Please let me know and thank you again!

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

If you are in premium version please go "Setting & Help" menu under "Team" menu you will see the option "Load only these themes." mark themes you want to load and then save changes , you will see in your site header only loaded marked themes , please see the screenshot http://i.imgur.com/zCv42Ir.png <br><br>Thanks

David replied 2 years ago

Oh, of course! I forgot that option was there. It’s better now. Thank you, Hasan!!