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Tamara asked 2 years ago

Hello, Im trying to create a grid on my home page (using visual composer) based on a list of ID’s.. When I first configured it, everything worked flawlessly but after I refreshed, it only displays two of six of my pages… It was working perfectly find until I refreshed the page… Any info would be much appreciated, this has been very frustrating since I want the photos to link to pages not posts… Also, can you please tell me how to hide the excerpt if possible? I used display:none; but when the browser is scaled the excerpt comes back… Any advice is much appreciated… I’m using the premium version of the plugin with Visual Composer…

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Tamara answered 2 years ago

I just realized when I reorder them it works, but unfortunately I need them in a certain order and when I list them like that, only two show up..

Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum, Di you mean you use “More Query Parameter” to query post by id ? using following post__in=2452,4595, have you put last comma ?   #2. you can remove excerpt from layout editor   Regards