Plugin "Team" – "Read More" Button dont work

Q&ACategory: PluginPlugin "Team" – "Read More" Button dont work
Chris asked 7 months ago

Hi community, I’m using the “team” plugin for showing the ensemble of “Stage Passion”. I create for every member a single member entry on this page. It’s adjusted, that not the whole text will show for each member in the frontend. You can “read more” with the “Weiterlesen” button. But if I click on that button, i will send forward to 404 error page.   Whats the solution?   Thanks for help, Regards Chris  

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Hasan Staff answered 7 months ago

Thanks for your post,   Please go “Permalink Settings” and save once again. thats mean reset permalink settings should solved the issue.   Let me know the result. Regards

Chris replied 7 months ago

It could be so easy… Thanks again to Hasan! You ‘re my man! 🙂 ♥

Hasan Staff replied 7 months ago

WOW, Great to solved the issue, Let me know for more help. Regards