Post Grid not respecting the text editor

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chandro asked 2 years ago

im using the text editor for my post which has bold (strong) and breaks but its not working on post grid?

chandro replied 2 years ago

short codes doesnt show also

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your post. 
Please remember we are using excerpt text in post grid content.  It might be clear all formatting of text. Thats why it might not showing bold text.
But hopefully you can filter content text as you want
Please go post grid documentation page linked with products page and see the section action and filter
You will see a sample code for filter title. Same way you can filter content. 
I am really sorry to say can’t provide more support now.  Currently I am out of my desk for 3 days. 
Will check the issue when back.
Best regards