Post Grid Price Table Theme not working in Premium

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Kelvin asked 1 year ago

I just purchased the premium version, hoping to use the price-table theme of the post-grid plugin, but after I installed the premium plugin and then the Addon plugin, I still can’t find any option to add edit a price table. I can see the price table option in the drop box, but that’s about it.
It’s quite frustrating to be honest, because there is not instruction on how to use these various themes (event, price table etc) for the post-grid plugin.

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Hasan Staff answered 1 year ago

Welcome to our forum,
Have you watched this video tutorial ?

Here is price table instruction

Let me know you understand how does it works.
Best Regards

Kelvin replied 1 year ago

Oh sorry, I didn’t get to watch the whole thing before. Yes, I now know how it works. Cheers

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

Thanks for you reply, Please let me know for mo re help. Regards