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Supri asked 12 months ago

Hi Bro
I’ve Bought Your Pricing table Plugin for 1 domain License
But I have a Problem with this Great Plugin
I Was Installed It in My WordPress site, When I Use it in homepage, the price table does not appear,just  a shortcode Shown.
Can you help me to fix this problem ??

Matthias replied 11 months ago

I have the same issue for a while now. I didn’t realize it has to do with the plugin. It seems to be the case since the latest WP updates.

Hasan Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi Matthias, did you follow my answer given bellow ? let me know the update. Regards

Matthias replied 11 months ago

Hi Hasan, I can’t see any answer below, sorry. For me it looks as if there are no answers to this question right now.

Hasan Staff replied 11 months ago

Sorry, the answer was privet , please check now, refresh this page to see. Regards

1 Answers
Hasan Staff answered 12 months ago

Welcome to our forum
this might be the issue 4.4 WP version update not recognize well formats.
Can you please edit short-code

[pricingtable id=”12345″]

# No double space before “id”
# No space before end “]”

That’s should be solved the issue, please let me know if your issue still not solved.

Matthias replied 11 months ago

Thank you for your immediate response. That solved the problem. Regards