Problems with Mixitup Popup Profile Not Closing or Scrolling

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North Raleigh asked 1 year ago

Popup bio on Mixitup works fine in desktop size AND when I resize the window down to mobile size. But when I view the page on my mobile phone, when I click on the team member, only the background behind the popup scrolls, and I can’t X out the popup. And I almost can’t see the X. It really needs to be more obvious. Is there a fix for this? The url is, then click on the Staff link under the second menu.

UPDATE: The bio text will scroll if you swipe the text just right, but it’s very touchy.

2 Answers
North Raleigh answered 1 year ago

Hi Hasan, any chance you’ve been able to look at this? Let me know when you do because I have a maintenance plugin turned on.

Nur Hasan Staff answered 1 year ago

Apologize for late reply,
recently we moved Team plugin to our new website
this forum is rarely maintained, you can contact through our new forum
the issue might be CSS conflict, i can’t access on your page, can you please send me admin access on your site ?