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benny.malengier asked 2 years ago

In 2.0.1, search keyword gave me all PAGES with the term.
I now have 3.0.1, and the same search keyword does not show me the PAGES, the post grid is empty.
How to fix? I cannot add catergories to pages, or should I install a plugin to add catergories to pages, eg ? However that does not seem to be supported in current wordpress version….

benny.malengier replied 2 years ago

To elaborate, in 2.0.1 from I have: is a grid of pages via search on a term in the pages. Some of these pages then show a grid of events.In 3.0.1, this page is not rendering, only title comes up. So something goes wrong in php. If I change to a post with a category, it still is not showing in 3.0.1. In 2.0.15 I have less freedom to change things as in 3.0.1, but also there it is not working. Reverting to 2.0.1 shows the page again as it is.Strange thing is, the page is working in all versions. Conclusion: I believe a grid in which pages are shown which also contain a grid (here to events), leads to some infinite loop which crashes the rendering

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your post
Sorry to say, could not understand why its not working when i select post type only “Page” ,
there might be some issue for page query , let me digg on this issue,
Will let you know when solved.
Best Regards

benny.malengier replied 2 years ago

Okay. Issue must be the recursion. If i dont use search term but categories it fails also