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vrielsdenies asked 2 years ago

When I make use of a separator in the breadcrumb plugin, no matter what I choose, the lay-out of the breadcrumbs are messed up, the breadcrumbs won’t show on 1 line anymore. You can see here how it looks:
Do you know how I can prevent this from happening?

Kristen replied 2 years ago

Hi Hasan. I have encountered the same problem on this site. problem only persists, when I have more than 2 levels in my menu structure.I hope you can find a way to fix this bug :-)Thanks in advance.Kris

Kristen replied 2 years ago

Hi again Hasan. I also has found out – on this site – that when there is more than 2 levels the UL-container shifts from 26 px height to 50 px in height – and I can’t find a way to resize it. Kris

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Hi @Kristen, Thanks for your reply, I have checked your link, have you solved the issue ? can’t see issue with your breadcrumb , here is screenshot how it look like form my side , can you please send some screenshot what you mean. Regards

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Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
I have checked your screenshot , this is really horrible , can you please take a test with another theme and see whats happening.
I can’t understand if this is CSS issue.

vrielsdenies replied 2 years ago

Hi Hasan,Thanks for your quick reply. With the Twenty Fifteen theme it all looks good. Any idea how I can change it on my other theme? Thanks!

vrielsdenies replied 2 years ago

Never mind, i fixed it already. Thanks for your help anyway!

vrielsdenies answered 1 year ago

Hi Hasan,
The breadcrumbs is working fine on my site in most browsers, except in Firefox. The layout looks messed up.
If you look at this page in Firefox, you’ll see it happen: 
Do you have any idea how I can solve this? 

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi Thanks for your post, this is happening because your theme also contain same class "separator " can you please add following CSS to your site header #################################### .breadcrumb-container .separator {<br> display: inline;<br>}

vrielsdenies replied 1 year ago

yes! perfect! Thanks for your quick and helpful response! Cheers,Niels

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

you are welcome , please let me know for more help. Regards