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thune asked 1 year ago

It shows the products but do not slide. It’s installed on a WP/Divi plattform with a Divi slideshow on top. Maybe some kind of conflict.
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Hasan Staff answered 1 year ago

Welcome to our forum
Please check the option
Slider Auto Play > Checked the Checkbox and save settings.

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Let me know for more help.

thune answered 1 year ago

Not looking like this in my contol panel. 

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi. Options are same. Please check the checkbox and update or save settings.

thune answered 1 year ago

Ok, thanks. Works now. My misunderstanding. Didn’t occur to me to check a box that’s was labeled inactive. I thought that “active” was default and if I checked this it would be inactive 🙂