Stats display incorrectly in tabs 1.5

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Jérôme asked 2 years ago

Hello, I just bought the licence for the tabs plugin 1.5. Great plugin and it works fine except two things that i don’t achieve to display correctly.
I have to display some streaming stats in the tabs but the stats tables are displayed at half the size horizontally. Here is a screenshot to vizualize the problem : Glitch_Tabs_Plugin_1-5_02.jpg
Here is a screenshot of the stats in an article
I’ve noticed that the stats tables that are displaying after the tab is selected are displaying correctly. Those who are a little late to appear and displaying when viewing the selected tab.
You can maybe experiment yourself with this page, if the link is still avalaible now.
Is there a way to overcome this issue ?

Also, i have an issue with the editor when writing content in the tabs admin panel. First i thougth that it might be an compatibility issue with tiny MCE editor but the editor is the same even without it.
Here is a screenshot of the problem. It explain much more than i could do.

And to finish, just a little tiny thing that is displaying incorrectly. It happens sometimes with the bevel tab selected.
Here is the screenshot.

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
#1. in this screenshot Glitch_Tabs_Plugin_1-5_02.jpg did you mean the data under the bar’s all date are merge together, is that correct ?
then this is might width issue you used for chart. try to keep bigger width.
#2. i can’t see the content displaying late its just showing me immediately click on tab header.(this might be page load issue, check after finish page load)
#3. in editor this is not a problem you need to click “Visual” to see buttons, and screenshot you are showing is activate “text” visual. just click “Visual”(visuel for your language) at right top.
#4. this is a CSS issue its sometime displaying worst.(if possible i will try to fix)

Jérôme answered 2 years ago

 Hi Hasan, Thank you for the reply.
#1. Here is an exemple of what happen when the stats are displayed after the tab is shown. : Glitch_Tabs_Plugin_1-5_02b.jpg
The width are correctly set in the Gdoc plugin I use, I checked it and tweaked it many times before posting here.
I don’t know why this is happening, all i know is that the tables are shrinked horizontally when loaded in a hidden tab. That’s why the dates are merged in the screenshot.
If there is a trick, i’ll manage with it. ^^
#2. You probably have a faster connection than mine ! ( ^_ – )
#3. Yeah, much better when Visual is enabled. It’s just… weird looking ! It does not happen in the Editor for pages or articles… Just in tabs. Is it a “normal” behavior ?
#4. I’m happy to know that i’m not in the worst case ! I’ll use the rounded ones until it’s fixed I guess.
Forgive me to push my luck here, but is there a chance that you replace the green default color by a white one ?
I mean green is cool but really unusual to see a website with this kind of background color. I say that because when the tabs are loading they are Green and then change to white. Pretty disturbing… Anyway, if you can’t or don’t plan to do it, i’ll live with.
Thank you for your support.

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Thanks for your reply 1#. the issue for merge data not happen for tabs plugin, i can see tabs content already in full width please see this screenshot and i can see your cart is use fixed width 400 please see this screenshot that’s the reason date are srnks together i think. 2#, please check any javascript error on your dashboard that might cause prevent visual edit activate, Tahnks

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Is that your last question about tabs content background color ? then you could add custom CSS for that. for ex: .tabs-content.r-tabs-panel.r-tabs-state-active { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgb(221, 221, 221) !important;}