Team Bio thumbnail links to different page?

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Janine asked 2 years ago

Hi there
When I click on the Bio excerpt of a team member, it takes me to another page on our website (custom plugin that was designed to show the “faces” of people in our organisation, eg, that link reads //www.companyname/faces/myname.).  It won’t open to the full Bio (eg the shortlink is //www.companyname/cs-staff/myname) .  Could it have something to do with our “faces” page being custom made and the same staff members name? How can I fix this please?
Many thanks

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Apologize for late reply, somehow i missed your question in time,
have you still facing the issue or solved ?

Janine replied 2 years ago

Hi there… thank you for responding :-)… I still have the same problem tho