Team Plug-in is not adding new Teams

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Wendy asked 2 years ago

The first team that I created worked fine.  I created a team Visitor Host Team.  I added three team members and selected that team in their profile.  Then I placed the short code on the page [team  id=”298″ ] and the three persons appeared.  Brilliant!
Then I added five more Teams.  I tried to add a new team member and select on of those teams but those new teams did not appear as an option.  Only Visitor Host was appearing as an option.  Furthermore, that new team member now appears on the page where I put the Visitor Host team short code, and I did not select Visitor Host.
It appears that the Team portion of the plugin is not working…help!

Wendy replied 2 years ago

Here is a link:

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum.
Can you please send me the link where the team doesn’t work or not displaying , the link you sent seems working fine.
If possible can you please send me admin access to your site so i can check the issue.
Best Regards