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Thomas asked 2 years ago

Your “Team” plugin is advertised as “resposive” and “mobile ready”, but I’ve tried all the different styles and can’t seem to find a single one that is actually responsive. 
Here’s the page I’m testing:
Can you please tell me how to make this truly responsive? 

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Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
Team plugin is responsive as it is, and you can use % or px values for grid item width, so that in mobile device it will act with mobile screen width.
In addition: we are working for this plugin to set custom width individually for mobile device.

Hasan Staff replied 2 years ago

Here is the screenshot how it will look like,

Allison replied 1 year ago

Have you added the ability to set a custom width for mobile yet?

Hasan Staff replied 1 year ago

Have you checked my previous reply screenshot ? where the mobile width located. if you still can’t see the text fields “Grid item max Width(px). ( For Mobile & Tabs: )” please use latest version. Regards

Allison replied 1 year ago

I did see that, but ideally I’d like the ability to set max width for mobile and tablet separately. I have mine set at 45% which looks fine on tablet but for some reason part of the bios is being cut off on mobile (see image: I’d prefer to have 2-3 columns on tablet and just one on mobile (like this: .I think this would help with the bio copy appearing cut off at the top. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Allison replied 1 year ago

Can you make mobile and tablet different fields so that we can size according to device? 80% looks great on mobile but it’s HUGE on tablet, which needs something closer to 40%…