Testimonial 1.3 not showing with WordPress 4.2

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Dan asked 2 years ago

Dear Support,
Since updating the plugin to 1.3 and wordpress to 4.2 the testimonial slider no longer displays even though I can see the html in the source code;
Any ideas?
Many thanks

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
this plugin under development, please keep using wordpress.org version.
Also please settings if you missed any option.

Dan replied 2 years ago

Thank you I have switched back to 1.2 and re-saved the settings and all seems to be working fine now. Appreciate the quick reply.Kind regardsDan

buzondecristo replied 2 years ago

Hello, where can i download the version 1.2? Thank you!

buzondecristo replied 2 years ago

It´s from here…sorry! https://wordpress.org/plugins/testimonial/developers/