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Philip asked 10 months ago

I have a question about the WCPS Premium – would it be possible to have a filter by Role and then author similar in process to the product taxonomies and categories

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Hasan Staff answered 10 months ago

Welcome to our forum,
I am really sorry to say this features still not available , can you please explain more , its seems interesting to me.
Hope i can try next plugin update.

Philip answered 10 months ago

Number 2 would be role, number 3 would be author.  I borrowed your pic by the way 😉
Example- I have a multi vendor marketplace and it would let me filter by the role of vendor and then by individual vendor(author) to give each vendor their own product slider.

Hasan Staff replied 10 months ago

Thanks for your reply, what i understand you want to display product slider for vendor page , so product will query by vendor author, that mean vendor author should be dynamic. can you please tell me which plugin you are using for accomplish multi-vendor so i will try with that. Regards