Why doesn't the "x" show up in Teams Plug in

Q&ACategory: PluginWhy doesn't the "x" show up in Teams Plug in
Roberto asked 2 years ago

If you scroll down to the team section, and you click on a team member,  The “x” to close out the window doesnt appear. Also is there a way to that if you click on the dark section,  the window will close too?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,
It was previously when click dark area pop goes out, but problem is wherever you click(even white area ) it fadeout, and after requesting some user i have added cross(X) icon.
if want like this please add following jquery to your site header

        $(document).on('click', '.team-popup-box', function()



Roberto replied 2 years ago

Still not working..http://www.vizexplorer.com/about/about-the-company/in chrome you have to scroll to the top to view the “x”