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Frederick asked 3 years ago

I’ve bought the Premium Version and got some questions.
1. Filter Slider Content: I’d like to display from most popular products (Besteller, most sold) .
Is this possible? If so, how can I do this?
2.  I’d like to use the normal “Add to cart” icon and not the flat one of the product slider plugin.
How can I change this?
3.  What size do you prefer for the product pics, that it’s compatible to the product slider?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your post.
1 Answer: yes, this could be possible, i have tested this feature with another plugin for best seller items.
2 Answer: yes, this also possible.
3 Answer: since we don’t know what size image you are using for your product we have keep this option open to choose for clients, see there is a option “Slider thumb max hieght(px)” so u can choose your thumbnail max height, also see there is option “Slider Thumbnail Size” so you can choose WordPress default image size’s
to changes we need 2 days of work, if you please patience then we could try for you.
Best Regards

Frederick replied 3 years ago

Well great that 1 and 2 is possible but how, and which plugin do I need?And what do you wanna change now in 2 working days? Are you working on an update with these features?<br><br>Best Regards

paratheme Staff replied 3 years ago

No, i will add these two feature in this plugin. you don’t need to install any other plugin. just wait i am busy with other task, when free i will start work for plugin update. you will notify via email. Thanks

paratheme Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi, Frederick good news for you, features 1 & 2 you requested are ready. please see the “Content” tab under “Filter Slider Content.” option “Display from Best Selling Product” and under “Style” see new option added “Items Add to cart button Style” select “default” for default style of add to cart button. please login to “My Account” http://paratheme.com/my-account/ and download latest version 1.8 then reinstall it, if you need more help please let me know.

Frederick replied 3 years ago

Thanks! Great! I need some more help. It's hard to describe what functions I'm missing, so I made a pic: <br>http://veganistore.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Screen-Shot-2015-02-15-at-20.02.34-Kopie.png <br><br>1. A title over the products. <br>2. If you offer a product discount the "add to cart" icon should be in the middle. <br>3. I'd like to deactivate the transparent product background. <br><br>Is this possible?

Nur Hasan Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your reply,
1. you can display title over the slider i a simple way, see the screenshots, so i am not adding this option on short-code settings page

2. you can remove background by adding following css on your site header.

.wcps-container div.wcps-items {
  background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
  border-bottom: medium none;
  border-top: medium none;

3. we can’t solve this issue, because “add to cart” button already in center middle,  try decrease max Column  number of items on slider, see the option “Slider Column Number” decrease your current number, so it will get more width.

see the screenshot add to cart button already in middle
If you have 3 minutes please submit five star reviews at wordpress.org plugin

Frederick replied 3 years ago

1. Well as you can see on the pic I'd like to display a title inside the slider. That seems not to work with the short-code. On the second pic you've sent me is a ribbon-symbol on top left branded "Hot". That would be an option, too. How can I activate this?<br><br>2. Where can I find my "site header" do I need to go in FTP-Mode for that?3. Thanks. Looks much better now. <br><br>Of course. I will give a five star review, if the last 2 issues (1. and 2.) are fixed.

paratheme Staff replied 3 years ago

If you want to display ribbons. Please go settings page under WCPS and click “save changes” for one time and then choose any ribbons for slider and then reload slider and the ribbons display or not. This way ribbons should display. I just left my desk, can’t help much now reply from mobile. Please drop your problem I will check tomorrow. When back. Thanks

Frederick replied 3 years ago

To Display ribbons: Thank you! That works! <br><br>To the Transparent Product Backgrounds: I will keep it, because it does fit now.<br><br>There's only one issue left: http://veganistore.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/metaslider-issue.png <br><br>I don't know how to delete this code, it's only on the page where the product slider is.

paratheme Staff replied 3 years ago

Hi, this code not coming from our slider, may be you are using another plugin short-codes try edit page content and see the short-code inside content and delete!!

Frederick replied 2 years ago

It's a Vantage Premium issue, as I see now. This code always appears if I set the page with the "woocommerce product slider" as start page. In HTML I need to delete following code: <div id="main-slider" data-stretch="true" [metaslider id=53] . But I don't know how to do that about the WordPress Dashboard. Maybe you have an idea. If not I will ask the Vantage Premium Developers.<br><br>btw: I gave your plugin a 5 star review on WordPress.org ."Wordpress Live Statistics" is an interesting plugin of Paratheme, too. I will try this soon.