WooCommerce Products slider not working on mobile

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xtjoeywx asked 2 years ago

I have it deactivated now because it froze my mobile menu and my revolution slider on my home page. It also doesn’t slide and it doesn’t show up as the right size. This all happened, it seems, when I updated my X theme by Theme.co and their Cornerstone plugin. I know it was the Products slider that was causing the conflict because it fixed after I deactivated the slider. Please let me know what you think I should do to fix this? I’ve already spoken with Theme.co and they said to get some support from you guys about the plugin.
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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome too our forum,
Sorry for late reply, this might happening for javascripts error.
Can you please create a demo page and paste slider shortcode and see what happening.
Also if possible please send me the link,
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nlgiang1990 replied 6 months ago

Me too, Products slider not working on mobile @Nur Hasan help me
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