Woocommerce Products Slider themes addon not working

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Mario asked 2 years ago

Hi, I’ve bought the premium version of Woocommerce Products Addon, extracted and installed the “wcps-addon-themes” plugin but when I select this theme for my slider it goes completlely blank and nothing is shown. If I select any of the other 12 themes it works properly.
What can I do to make it work?

Mario replied 2 years ago

Also, is there any way to remove the “Price:” text shown in the slider next to the price and add to cart button? The only way I’ve seen is modifying the template files but I don’t want to modify core file from the plugin because I’ll lose any changes if I update it. Is there any way to override de default templates?

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Nur Hasan Staff answered 2 years ago

Welcome to our forum,

Can you please re-download & re-install version 2.1.5, we have fixed theme theme add-ons issue,
Please login to download here http://paratheme.com/my-account/
If you want to remove “Price” text you can edit following file line:12
We have update Free version two days ago for translation ready and start working for premium version to make translation ready , please patience , after next update you can display “price” text in your language if you want.
If you need more help please let me know.

rishirao replied 2 years ago

Hi. Instead of product images ,only Text from the Product Short Description is showing in the Woocommerce Products Slider. How to solve this problem please?Thanks