Awesme Meet The Team Plugin for your WordPress to display Team Members

Welcome to our blog post. today we will show you how to create team showcase for your team members or your company members.

Recently we have published a new plugin for WordPress to display team members, group members, company members, members profile.

Plugin Link:

Premium Version:

Here is the one of screenshot of our plugin output.




This plugin currently has three theme to display team members grid. themes are flat, flat with white background and rounded.

How to Create Team ?

First things you need to install this plugin (Team – Meet The Team Grid) as regular plugin. after successfully install plugin you will see two menu on dashboard.

  • Team Member
  • Team

First Create some Team Members

Under “Team Member” menu click “Add New Team Member”  you will see a custom post for team member.

  • Use title as team member name.
  • Use content as team member biography.
  • Use feature image as team members profile thumbnail image.
  • You can create category for team member by adding team group.
  • Team Member Options for profile contact information.



You can add new profile field at Team Member Options under existing fields. to add new profile input field go Settings under Team Menu

you will see an option “Display input field on team member profile.”

with some defaults profile field, click Add New a popup will appear write your input name and ok new item will added to list of profile fields. click Save Changes

after saving profile fields go edit team member you will see new profile under existing.

After creating some team members you need to generate short-code

Go Team  >> New Team  from dashboard, you will see team creating page with options.

When option choose done copy the short-code and paste anywhere in page or copy php code to use .php files.




Please watch this video tutorial for quick guide line