Introducing license key’s & Automatic update at ParaTheme items

We are excited to announce very closed to introducing license keys for our items(Plugins & Themes)

And also automatic plugin & themes update from our server for all premium items so you will no need to to manually update in future once you install latest version for each plugin in which we add this feature.

Hope this post will guide you how we are implement license key’s and what to do to get activate license keys for your items.

If you bought any items after 21-02-2015 you will see license key’s are ready for your items, these key are automatically generate when payment completed and you can see by visiting License Keys page.


N.B. Don’t worry these key’s still not implemented, your items should work fine if you are not see any message regarding activating license key’s on your plugins setting pages.

We will notify you via email or social media once we starting implement license key’s for each items.

In this time you can like us on Facebook & follow Twitter profile